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    SAMD [ACADEMY&Reqruitment] #2

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    SAMD [ACADEMY&Reqruitment] #2

    Post by Stephanie Mordecai on Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:50 pm

    Academy Results & Graduation/Promotions

    The San Andreas Fire Department Training and Recruitment Division, would like to thank you to all applicants for attending the academy. And we would like to congratulate for those who passed the academy steps, whether Pre-Hospital Staff or Hospital Staff. If you are on the list, please be advised to check the graduation ceremony details and do your best to attend. You can ask your family, your friends, your room-mate, or even your girl/or boyfriend to come with you. Once again, congratulations!

    EMS and Firefighter:
    Famakushi Yamamoto
    Clinton Sneevliet
    Matthew Harrison

    Satoshi Nakamoto
    Masamune Minamoto
    Yamaguchi Sakamoto

    The ceremony details are listed below and once again, don't forget to ask your beloved person to come to see you in full glory. After the graduation ceremony there will be held a promotional 10-1 where SAFD employees will receive a promotion and some of them will receive a monthly award.

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