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    How to use our hotline services! [911 & 777 ]

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    How to use our hotline services! [911 & 777 ]

    Post by Stephanie Mordecai on Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:13 am

    "911 is emergency-line, not costumer service nor hospital service. You can contact 911 if you have serious trouble, for example, gun shot wounds, heart attack, et cetera, we gonna respond 911 as soon as possible."

    How to call 911?
    • Dial 9-1-1 via your phone.
    • Even if you have no signal, this line is uniquely will find a reachable provider in the area.
    • Go to "PARAMEDIC" line.
    • Say what happening, for example, "A 35 years-old male got gun shot wounds at his left leg, need your unit immediately at Ocean Docks."
    • Wait until our officer come to your location.
    "777 is non-emergency-line which designed so public can keep in touch with San Andreas Fire Department. Contact 777 if you need a non-emergency service, such as, check up, Health Product License (currently closed), interview, et cetera.

    How to call 777?
    • Dial 7-7-7 via your phone.
    • Speak what you need, for example, "I got an aching head, I am in need of SAFD physician at ASGH."
    • We gonna respond your 777 by messaging you.

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